If you are interested send me a private message. I am currently getting things together to make a film for theaters and you know you want to have you name in those credits. =P

So reply to this or send me a pm for more info!

Hello everyone,

As none of you know, I am a film and video major in Philadelphia. Go to school at Drexel University (Same place as Mr. Fulp ^_^). I do animations in my free time for the website, but thats not what I'm here to talk to you about. I am currently working as a post sound editor/ADR guy/ Narrator person. Soo if anyone is interested in getting high quality SFX and having great voice recordings, or if you would like me to fix your sound if it sounds bad (I can't fix everything...I'm not a magician) Let me know. I have a lot of free time right now so I am willing to jump in on projects with anyone if it is being professionally done. No stick figure stuff. I'll also be giving this service for free because I would like more for my resume so yeah. Free Awesome Sound Engineer here for the asking.

Just leave a message here in the forums if your interested and also send me a PM.


2008-04-01 14:38:33 by 4leggedfreakonwheels

The second best place for all you shit!

Well the release of my latest project is now here.

I am upset although at how the quality of it is being deformed in some way by the upload so I am working on a way to fix this problem.

I may in the end redo all the audio and just have it as the original flash file. That may be the best option I have at the moment. It will be reentered then so as not to affect the score it should get.

All-in-all nothing is certain but for now what is there is the best I can get to my audience...if I ever have one hah

I've made anything from shit to ok things and now I want to make something great...but Should I...and I need to buy a new pad since my last one broke =(